Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams has spent her entire career telling stories for world-renowned brands like Nike and Underwood wine-in-a-can. Whether it be through hosting an event for 20,000 women (the Nike Women’s Marathon), building an award-winning App (Nike+ Run Club), developing a wine can collab for charity (Underwood Get It Girl) or drafting a simple Instagram post, Kyna obsesses over connecting with consumers both emotionally and analytically, while leveraging data to make better informed decisions in the future. Now, she joins Revel as CMO and COO. As CMO, she is responsible for building and growing the brand while driving traffic and engagement for our agents. As COO, she is responsible for keeping the lights on, both literally and figuratively. On any given day, you can find Kyna negotiating ad buys, brewing a pot of coffee or assisting agents with their listing presentations. A recent transplant from Portland, Oregon, Kyna spends her free time with her husband and two young daughters living the Montana dream: skiing, hiking, rafting, camping and fly fishing.
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