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Kaleb Retz is a lifelong Montanan, athlete and adventurer, growing up in a family of Real Estate Developers, Builders and Agents. With a Marketing degree from the University of Montana, it was only fitting that Kaleb, himself, entered the world of real estate, founding and developing the Gold Creek Lodge on Lake Pend Orielle in Northern Idaho, a full-service moto-themed resort. For three years, he oversaw all aspects of construction, marketing and PR, while hosting media, athletes and events and cutting his teeth in the world of hospitality, construction and development.

In 2015, Kaleb joined the Wishrock Group, national developers of affordable and workforce housing, where he specialized in underwriting multi-family acquisition for a portfolio of over $500M. After five years, Kaleb transitioned into residential real estate, combining his passion and knowledge for Western Montana with his expertise in marketing and contract negotiations. One of the reasons his clients return to him, time and again, is because of his unique ability to create connections, finding off-market opportunities across the state. Now, with over a decade of experience spanning recreational, residential and developmental real estate, Kaleb joins the Revel Real Estate team, focusing on Flathead Lake and recreational properties across Western Montana. He brings a hyper-local knowledge of Western Montana’s recreational real estate market, a strong network of connections, a unique perspective on analyzing real estate markets and navigating trends, both locally and nationally, and a forward-thinking approach to marketing, all of which adds up to a truly bespoke program for his clients.

When he’s not showing properties or assisting clients, you’ll find Kaleb in the backcountry, most likely on skis, a dirt bike or a snowmobile. He’s an accomplished enduro racer, an AIARE motorized avalanche education instructor, occasional DJ and captain of The Joyride, a beautiful old sailboat docked on Flathead Lake. He lives in Whitefish with his girlfriend, Madison, and 13 year old German Shepard, Bridger.

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Kaleb Retz

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