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While her career has taken her in several directions, Priscilla Phillips is deeply rooted in Missoula, Montana. She received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Montana, and afterwards, began her professional career teaching French at Missoula’s Hellgate High School and ESL classes at the local College of Technology. Later, her career pivoted when she was hired to manage a Missoula-based law firm, and spent the next 27 years managing the office of 25 people, overseeing everything from finance to HR to office operations. Priscilla credits these career paths for strengthening the empathy and care that she has for others, her ability to juggle all things big and small, and her capacity to soothe conflicts and eliminate challenges.

In 2015, she pivoted once again, when she became a licensed real estate Agent and joined forces with her daughter, local real estate maven Emily Mackenroth. Inspired by Missoula-based real estate “legend” Helen Garrick, Priscilla dove head-first into this new role with Helen’s advice: “Accept and except issues.” Priscilla loved every moment of this new path, working on transaction details, showing properties and marketing listings across Missoula, never phased by the challenges that inevitably might pop up.

When asked about her favorite part of Real Estate, Priscilla needs no time to answer – it’s the people. A people-person herself, she loves developing relationships and helping her clients navigate the real estate process. Never to be deterred, she handles challenges with grace and patience, ensuring her clients’ understanding and confidence throughout.

In 2023, Priscilla shifted course slightly, when she became a Referral Agent, ensuring clients’ needs are met by her daughter, Emily, and the Selling Big Sky Team. Now, she’s able to enjoy more time with her husband of 52 years, Bob (also her high school sweetheart!), her grandkids, golfing and (when they do leave Missoula), in Palm Springs, where they delight in all things sunshine and desert.

If you have questions about the local real estate market, allow Priscilla to make an introduction for you. She has your best interests at heart, as her goal of sparking joy still exists with clients across Missoula.
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Priscilla Phillips

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