Scott Bull

Scott Bull spent his early career in residential construction while working on his degree in business. After graduating, he secured a job in construction sales before starting his own residential construction company in Southern California. Six years later, in 2006, Scott earned his real estate license and quickly saw success, leveraging his expertise and knowledge in home design and construction within the real estate market.

Scott is known for his calm demeanor, knowledge of construction, patience, perseverance and his strength of connections, much of which comes into play when his clients challenge him to find that “perfect property.”

Originally from Southern California, Scott has also lived in Utah and Texas. Looking to escape the traffic and congestion of Southern California (where he and his family spent every weekend either at the beach or camping outside of the city), Scott vacationed to the Flathead Valley to visit a family friend and fell in love with the area and its endless recreation. On their second trip out, they bought a house in Whitefish and returned home to Southern California to pack up their belongings and relocate. That was almost five years ago, and Scott couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Scott brings a wealth of knowledge – from home building and relocation to buying/selling investment properties and managing short- and long-term rentals – and truly understands what his clients are looking for, whether they’re looking to buy an investment property, relocate their family to the Valley or market their property for sale.

When he’s not helping his clients, you can find Scott outside with his wife Larissa and two young sons, Wyatt and Colton, camping, fishing, boating, skiing and exploring Glacier National Park.

Scott’s advice: Go for it. Most regret comes from inaction, not action. If you are looking to make a change in where you live or recreate, Scott would love to help you buy or sell your property.
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Scott Bull

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