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The Selling Big Sky Team is made up of Montana top-performing Agents Emily Mackenroth, Leland Reed and Agent/Coordinator Taylor Boynton.

In 2022, with over $58M in sales, Emily and Leland met for a glass of wine – and to brainstorm how to even better serve their clients. There, they realized that combining their passion, energy and relentless obsession with over-delivering for their clients, would ultimately double the (wo)man power in the same amount of time. Over that glass of wine, the Selling Big Sky Team was born.

Today, it’s a 2-for-1 deal: you get double the firepower, double the passion, double the tenacity, double the experience and double the knowledge, all to ensure clients’ success and happiness. The team balances each other to deliver their clients the most incredible experience from start to finish (and beyond), ensuring every little – and big – detail is not only covered, but perfected, with a shared passion of supporting clients with an always-on, white glove-approach.

In an industry quick to change (and quick to find conveniences), Emily, Leland and Taylor have not lost sight of what’s most important to their clients – agility, creativity, tenacity and a human interface. With the Selling Big Sky Team, you will never sign on a dotted line and be handed over to someone else to work with. Rather, you’ll interface with all three of them from start to finish; your phone calls will always be answered, nerves calmed, happiness ensured and fun along the way.

Highly regarded and respected by their peers, and often complimented on how “fun and easy” it is to work with them, the Selling Big Sky Team is revered by how approachable, charismatic and passionate they are. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $1M+ mansion or a $100,000 mobile home – you will receive the same level of tenacity and expertise, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

On top of this, they absolutely love working together, it’s this team-minded passion that fuels their relentless pursuit of perfection, every single day.

If you are interested in buying, selling, investing or simply understanding the current real estate values in the Missoula area, contact the Selling Big Sky Team. In addition to feeding off their incredible energy and passion, we are certain it will be your best, most engaging and quite possibly the most fun meeting of your week.
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Selling Big Sky Team

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