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It is an honor to donate 1% of our company profits back into our community. For Q2, we chose two deserving non-profit organizations: Sparrow’s Nest (which we featured on the blog here) and Flathead Industries. Last month, we had the opportunity to meet the Flathead Industries team, tour their facilities and better understand – and see – the impact they’re making in our community (spoiler alert: it’s incredible).

Flathead Industries was founded in 1973 by a group of concerned parents that wanted to create a more inclusive and proactive living experience for 8 adults with disabilities. Today, the organization serves more than 250 people with disabilities across the Flathead Valley, with sister agencies running in Libby, Plains and Hamilton, Montana. Their mission is simple, yet impactful: “Create Opportunities for People with Disabilities.”

“Creating Opportunities for People with Disabilities”

How Flathead Industries Is Making An Impact

Community Homes

Community Homes provide housing while assisting their residents to achieve more independence, integration and participation in their community. Currently, Flathead Industries oversees six community homes with 43 residents.

Supported Living

Supported Living homes offer additional care and support to their residents, allowing a customized approach to give each resident their ideal living environment. Currently, 38 adults in the Valley receive Supportive Living care.

Each Flathead Industries Thrift Store processes 2,000 articles of clothing onto the sales floor each day.


Thrift Stores

Many of us locals are well aware of the Flathead Industries Thrift Stores. Here, adults with disabilities are employed to accept donations, sort donations, stock (and restock) floors, provide customer service and work the registers. Developing their work skills within the stores allows them future career opportunities within the community.

One of the most notable takeaways for our group was the fact that Flathead Industries are the only organization in the state that starts everyone off at minimum wage (never paying their staff sub-minimum wage).

Flathead Industries Thrift Stores keep 750,000 pounds of waste out of landfills each year.

A peek behind the curtain, where the magic (aka, sorting) happens at the Flathead Industries Thrift Stores.

Career Connections

Developing life and career skills within the Thrift Stores oftentimes opens up other career opportunities as well. The Career Connections team provides job training and placement for organizations within the community. Logan Health Medical Center’s Cuisine Team and Home Depot are two local employers who have found great success within this sector.

Life Skills Center

The Life Skills Center was a joy to visit, as Flathead Industries as well as local area residents attend classes and sessions from coloring to sensory activities to computer skills. The energy at the Center was incredible, and it was fun for our team to see the loving and engaged staff dedicated to elevating the lives of their residents.

Even the front of the Life Skills Center brings joy.

What Impact Will Revel’s Donation Make?

Revel’s donation of $8,000 will support Flathead Industries’ “Bridge The Gap,” a service to provide financial assistance for individuals with disabilities in our community that are currently on the 3-5 year state-wide waiting list in order to receive services. State funding disappears after a child graduates and doesn’t begin again for several years, so “Bridge The Gap” helps to fund services for young people with disabilities in this gap.

Currently, there are more than 1,000 individuals in Montana on the waiting list to receive governmental support.


According to Flathead Industries, the longer a person goes without receiving needed services, the increased likelihood of losing their current skills and motivation to reach their goals and maximum independence. The Flathead Industries team works with each individual to help them build the skills they need to become successful in their life.

It is an honor to support this program – and the entire team at Flathead Industries – in their goal of creating opportunities for people with disabilities.

Are you interested in learning more, or supporting Flathead Industries, yourself? Visit their website or contact us and we’ll happily put you in touch with the right person at their organization.

We clearly had no fun delivering this check for $8,000 to Flathead Industries
Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams

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