The Benefits Of Working With A Boutique Real Estate Brokerage

We live in a small Valley where community reigns, and here, the typical 6-degrees of separation is more like 2- or 3-. To that point, you probably know several Real Estate Agents, and are familiar with the companies that they work for – big names with recognizable branding.

Sure, there are benefits to attaching yourself or your property to a big name, but in a market where many of these companies are simplifying the real estate process, they are in turn losing the intimate experience, the hyper-local knowledge and the firm handshake that we value.

Revel Real Estate is a boutique, independent Real Estate brokerage, proudly bucking many of their modern trends. We are also able to stand out from the competition. Here are five ways how:

Personalized Service, Attention & Focus On You

We all want things to be highly personalized. From Google remembering our passwords to Spotify curating playlists based on listening preferences, personalization makes things easy, simple and, well, personal.

At Revel, we offer a personalized and bespoke approach to each and every interaction, taking the time to fully understand your goals rather than following a corporate, one-size-fits-all approach. Our goal is to deliver an experience, rather than a service. That means a custom approach to every client, every listing and every interaction – from the way we deliver marketing to the way we interact with clients – each is different, purposeful and thoughtful.

Quality > Quantity

In an over-saturated industry defined by its low barrier to entry, and offices filled with, at times, too many agents to hit their bottom line, we’re doing it differently. Our boutique brokerage has purposely stayed small.

To us, surrounding ourselves with the best agents, who value integrity, acting (and delivering) at the highest level and giving their all for their clients, is what sets us apart. The Revel team is purposely small because we want to ensure the quality of Agents and the support our clients will receive.

Yet, while “small,” our team helped to broker some of the most newsworthy sales in the Valley last year, including the most expensive transaction ever recorded on Big Mountain. In a time where the average Agent managed just four transactions in 2021, Revel Agents catapulted that number by 630%, ensuring their clients a smooth and positive experience throughout.


A Better Ratio Of Support

Many larger brokerages in the area have upwards of 30, 40 or 50 agents (or more!) working in one office, with usually 1 or 2 support staff.

At Revel, our support staff to Agent ratio is unprecedented, at 4 support staff to 10 full time Agents.

What that allows is greater attention to detail, better bespoke marketing and a faster turnaround time. When you partner with an Agent at Revel, you also get the team behind them, whose experience spans Whitefish and Western Montana real estate (including brokering some of the most well known properties on Whitefish Lake), property management and global brand marketing at renowned companies like Nike, Patagonia and Vacasa. So while you might interface with just one Revel Agent, know they are backed by an incredible team whose sole purpose is to support them – and you.


We talk a lot about “Team” at Revel. While most brokerages employ individual Realtors or groups (teams) of Agents, we are built on a culture of team and collaboration. We have amassed a team of passionate, collaborative and like-minded Agents who genuinely love working together and building relationships. There are no egos inside our brokerage. Rather, Agents fully acknowledge if or when they are in unfamiliar territory, leaning on the expertise of other Revel teammates for knowledge and support.

Amongst our Revel teammates include Agents with backgrounds in Construction, Farm & Ranch, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, Development and Investment Properties and Waterfront, amongst others.

American entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn said it best: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” By combining expertise amongst the Revel team, we are able to more effectively support our clients and your needs.


Jim Rohn, American Entrepreneur & Author

Trustworthy & Local

Our goal is to build lifelong relationships, locally, with those who also value a highly personalized approach to customer service, interpersonal relationships and high-value transactions. When we run into clients at the Ski Resort, enjoying happy hour margaritas at Jalisco or shopping in town, we want our personalized service to translate into a run down Hellroaring together, a seat at the bar, or at the very least, a firm handshake as clients-turned-friends do.

With our local ownership (Revel Founder/Broker Kelly Laabs is a Montana native and lives with his wife and two daughters in Whitefish), the revenue our brokerage brings in – as well as our Community Give-Back, where 1% of all company profits are donated directly to local organizations – stay right here in the Valley.

As you consider your future real estate goals and needs, it’s smart to connect with, and interview, several Real Estate Agents (we know you know them)! What’s smarter, however, is to add a boutique Real Estate brokerage and Agent to your rolodex. Contact us and let us show you what a bespoke, customized approach truly looks like.

Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams has spent her entire career telling stories for world-renowned brands like Nike and Underwood wine-in-a-can. Now, she joins Revel as CMO and COO. On any given day, you can find Kyna negotiating ad buys, brewing a pot of coffee or assisting agents with their listing presentations.
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