20 Questions with… Scott Bull

20 Questions is a feature that gives us the chance to better know our Revel Teammates and go “beyond the bio.” Answers are meant to be short and sweet to give us a glimpse into our Teammates’ lives when they’re not at the office.

Today, we feature Scott Bull. Scott spent his early career in residential construction while at college, working on his degree in business. After graduating, he secured a job in construction sales before starting his own residential construction company. Six years later, in 2006, Scott earned his real estate license and, leveraging his expertise and knowledge in home design and construction within the real estate market, quickly saw success.

Scott is known for his calm demeanor, knowledge of construction, patience, perseverance and his strength of connections, much of which comes into play when his clients challenge him to find that “perfect property.”

Let’s dive in and see what makes Scott tick…

  1. Winter or Summer: Summer
  2. Favorite Restaurant in the Flathead Valley: Whitefish Golf Course
  3. Favorite Montana Lake: Hungry Horse
  4. Backcountry or Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort: Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort (WMR)
  5. Hike or Beach: Hiking…and also Beach, Fishing and Camping!
  6. Favorite Run at WMR: Langley
  7. Favorite Drink/Bar: Caesar at Hellroaring Saloon
  8. Favorite Hike to do in Glacier National Park: Hidden Lake
  9. Favorite Whitefish Tradition: Octoberfest
  10. Favorite “Toy” in Your Garage/Shed/Outbuilding: Boat
  11. Favorite Local Coffee Shop: Cowgirl Coffee or Wild Coffee
  12. Favorite Local Charity/Organization: The Kids’ Lunch Van – ensuring no kid is left hungry
  13. Who Lives With You? Wife (Larissa), Sons (Wyatt & Colton) and our dog (Otis)
  14. Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl
  15. First Job? I worked in construction: building/renovations
  16. Among Your Friends/Family, What Are You Famous For? Planning & Fixing = The Boy Scout
  17. Your Most Frequently Used Emoji: 👍 or 😎
  18. Favorite Part of the Real Estate Experience? Finding the ideal home for my clients
  19. Why Did You Join the Revel Team? The Team experience
  20. What Makes You Happy? Fishing on a boat with my family

Scott brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and experience to Revel, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him with us!

Want him to elaborate on any of his answers above? Click HERE to read Scott’s bio and HERE to contact him directly.

Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams

Kyna Williams has spent her entire career telling stories for world-renowned brands like Nike and Underwood wine-in-a-can. Now, she joins Revel as CMO and COO. On any given day, you can find Kyna negotiating ad buys, brewing a pot of coffee or assisting agents with their listing presentations.
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